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N2 Network/Hardware Support

N2 Technologies offers a unique plan that saves you money and credits you free hours towards service each month.

Our plans are designed and priced based on the number of computers and Servers you have at your office. You pay a monthy rate represented in column 3 based on the number of computers you own (column 1). Each month you accumulate credit hours (column 4) and can be used at any time or applied to outstanding balance.

Semi Anunual Maintenance is a service we provide for our support clients. We physically clean out all computers, clean up virus's and spyware that your antivirus programs were unable to detect, and overall perform a tune-up to get your computers back to performing like new.

See Example Credit and Rate schedule Below. Download complete schedule with pricing on 1 - 40 computers here. Complete Rate and Credit Schedule.xls

Rate and Credit Schedule
# of Computers
(Including Servers)
Support Cost per Unit
Total Cost
per month
Credit hours earned
per month
Annual Cost
Credit Hours
Estimated Annual Maintenance Hours
1 15 15 .14 180 1.64 2
2 15 30 .27 360 3.27 4
3 15 45 .41 540 4.91 6
11 11 121 1.21 1452 14.52 16.5
12 11 132 1.32 1584 15.84 18
27 10 270 3.00 3240 36.00 40.5
28 10 280 3.11 3360 37.33 42

Non support rate is $135 per hour for onsite visits and 2.25 per minute over the phone with 20 minute minimum

Support onsite rate is

1-10 computers = $110 per hour

11-25 computers = $100 per hour

26+ computers = $90 per hour

Support includes

  • unlimited calls on hardware/network related problems
  • Remote support into any pc in your office. (high spped internet needed)
  • Weekly backup checks
  • Credit hours towards service calls or semi-anual maintenance

Dowload our support agreement here

N2 Network support agreement

Please call 602-357-3450 option 1 or 2 if you have questions or would like to sign up with our monthly plans. No obligations, cancel at anytime.

Latest News

10-21-2010 - N2 Technologies is a featured SuiteMed EMR, Lytec and Lytec MD reseller on Software Advice, an online resource that reviews EMR and medical billing software.

10-22-2009 - N2 Technologies launches new website.


Dear Nolan, I would like to thank you for having such an amazing staff. Over the years I have needed emergency help with my system...

Most Sincerely,
Denise Czer


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